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HNYPOT 235: Josey Rebelle's Stone Through A Window Mix

Digging for music is as much about instinct as it is about understanding. If you hone your gut instincts, your senses and subconscious sensibilities you will come across the good stuff, seemingly from thin air but in fact meant for you all along. Sometimes a DJ discovery happens to us the same way as finding a record. Sure internet algorithms and well placed editorial helps a dane music lover find their next favorite dj mix or jockey, but in the end you are the one that has to click play. Compelled by an honest smile in every photo and the endorsement of UK's most respected formerly pirate radio station, I got hooked to the sounds of our latest potcast guest: Josey Rebelle. I also must have smelled the oddly American vibe about this British selector. It is almost as though she is workshopping a hybrid, a bed and breakfast on the road between Croydon and Bellville that caught my eye from the road. But, if the web she is spinning in her sets speaks to me correctly, this bed and breakfast is a cooperative, it is female owned and operated, open to all, but not for everyone. Josey will spin you a bit of beats in the morning, but the rest of the time she lives there too and so it is up to you to respect the space and find your way to fit in, blend in, and add to the vibe. Don't get me wrong, this isn't your grandmothers idea of a B&B, when the sun goes down and it is time to put the needle to the record, the fireplace will be dancing, naked revelry in the vegetable garden, and MDMA embraces on the front porch. But when all is said and done, instead of feeling depleted, Josey wants you feeling completed. You will sign the guest-book that sits below a framed Drexciya poster, thanking her for sharing her space, stories, and delicious beats.

Josey Rebelle Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/joseyrebelle

HNYPOT 234: Daniel T.'s Treading Water Mix

There really is only a handful of characters that have been repeat guests on our 10 year running Honeypotcast. Today we officially make Los Angeles based music maker and disc-shaker Daniel T. one of them. Two years ago, Daniel threw us one of our most listened to mixes: I'm At That Party Right Now, a romp through his signature back-yard-funk and junky-post-disco sounds. A seasoned pro, his one-take recording on the 1s and 2s showcase'd what many already know, Daniel knows how to please just about every music lover. Vinyl obsessed and addicted to the beat, Daniel obliged us with this new 104 minute soundtrack to your next VW bus ride to the beach. Rated 30 SPF, don't worry this mix is hot enough to burn that ass even *with* protection. Chock full of abandoned island drums, roadside yelps for joy, and breezy baselines you might be transported so hard to your high school self that you will ask Soundcloud to flip the cassette at 30 minutes. So, before you press play, check your day-tote for the room key, a towel, and just in case, a second layer - this one might keep you out well past sundown.

HNYPOT 233: Aria Rostami's Uncharacteristically High Self-Esteem Mix

Live in San Franciscan long enough and you will be frequently tasked with answering for the confrontational amount of mentally-ill people that inhabit the streets of San Francisco. I imagine, and for most SF artists like him, this is a complicated conversation for Aria Rostami to have with house-guests. A city with weather ideal for vagabonding and streets and parks that we're claimed for adult exploration by the famous Summer of Love in 1967 - the rules of engagement were established long before his arrival in 2006. But as much as Berkeley philosophy, Castro sexuality, and Haight psychedelia have informed Rostami as an artist, so too has Tenderloin absurdity. Even without access to his Maya Deren and Cindy Sherman inspired social media posts, take a trip down Aria's discography and you can't help but be stuck in a room with the characters he has created. Although his songs might lead you into some dark and uncomfortable spaces, there is always a sense of humanity and hope in that space - trauma, recovery, renewal, dementia, Aria just wants you to look in the mirror with him. As he takes the leap to a new city, you can't help but hope the kabuki street theater, off-kilter melodies, and mystical poetry torpedoing through his productions are always recognizable from his days making love to San Francisco. When we asked Aria to make us a mix we were happy to receive anything at all, but it came as no surprise he took the concept and ran with it - his hands can't help but stain every proposal with skin cells, body oils, maybe even blood. So, we are so pleased to present to you a first for the potcast series, a compilation of 3 hours of original music made by Aria Rostami himself. A diary chartering us through the music made in various times he has lived in the city. Songs included date back as far as 2011 and as new as this year. A couple of minutes into this mix you can't help but wonder, does the fog roll in when Aria starts his machines? How hot does the room get from the oscillated breathing and side-chained moisture coming from these monitors? Is it getting too hot in here? Maybe I should strip down? Maybe I am just imagining things? Don't worry, we're all crazy honey. It's not just you.

Aria Rostami Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/ariarostami

HNYPOT 232: Savile's Tangent Gallery Broom Closet

Gianpaolo Dieli wears his heart on his sleeve, literally. Written in big, bold letters on his arm is a tattoo that tells you to "Share Power." Sounds serious right? Well, Savile does not fuck around. A Chicago native, resident of Smart Bar, and label partner at Argot records, this man not only respects the hustle of his home, he takes the politics of dancing straight to the skin on his body. In the first minutes of the 232nd edition of the HNYPOTCAST, a prefacing voice suggests the potency of music un-interrupted - a call to action? a warning? Certainly both. Not only does Savile want you to move, he wants you to ponder - because the sound of industry, the hard electronic and metallic beats of midwestern techno are not about hypnosis, they are about creation, connection and conglomeration. Naming his original productions things like "Effort Won't Betray You" and "The Only Rule Is Work" strangers get a sense that this is someone not only with the determination to make it but the ethos to make it better. Thoughtful people aren't always thoughtful artists, but in the case of Savile - all the details of his output leave no trace of stoner bullshit. Particularly potent was the cover for his last record, featuring the remnants of a queer installation space and community rave warehouse called 42 Jenkins - a record which also features a poignant secret recording of The Black Madonna talking about how determination and spirit will never let you down. In the increasingly depressing world of corporatized music media, .0084 a cent revenue streams, and tyrannosaurus rexstivals, Savile wants to remind you that good music has always been in bed with radical politics and unclaimed spirituality. This mix may ask you to do some things, but it is union owned and operated so - it won't tell you to do anything it isn't prepared to do itself.

Savile Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/savile

HNYPOT 231: Kadeejah Streets' Part of the Winter Never Dies

"Brothers from another" - that must be the title of the episode in which I met Kadeejah Streets. Being pied-pipered across the Canadian border by Kevin Kauer for a gig in Vancouver via SEA, Khadeejah was the captain of his rave-van. Charismatic and full of joy, he made the hours on the highway slip like jelly with his carefully curated road trip selections and tales. A Californian at the core, he waxed on his love of Wicked, the San Francisco sound, and his thirst for psychedelic sounds no matter the tempo. Playing in room 2 while we played in Room 1 - we never got to hear him work the decks that night. In a way it was a blessing, we had a lovely judgement free ride back to Seattle the next day - no DJ shade, just more roadside stops, laughs, and incredible selections on the van cans. A couple of music swaps and soundcloud plays later I knew I had to see this man work a room. If our sitcom had an episode where we went to Khadeejah's jiggy club it would be called "No Joke" - this man can mix. A master for the sequence, watching a room of lemmings melt into Khadeejahs groove was quite the sight. Pushing and pulling between the want and the need, he is the kind of selector only happy if you are and determined to get you there without having to put the name-tag on... Full of vocals, dark melodies, and moments that are "faaar out maaan" we hope this is one of many mixes from him for our little potcast series. Drop innnnn.

Kadeejah Streets Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/kadeejah-streets

HNYPOT 230: Aaron J's Transmural Gradient

Sometimes a mix just comes to us, we try to be selective in our POTCAST series but then sometimes we just get lucky. Although it may be summer temperatures in the rest of the world, we've been in typical SF June, waiting for someone to turn on the techno electronic-blanket and toss it over our comforter. Cue Aaron J, the former San Franciscan selector and nightlife curator from the Sure Thing crew. He dropped us this 80+ min mix compelled by his Haight Street honed intuition to read us a technicolor story involving light-showers, hand-gliding the heavens, and meditating on a bed of shiny chrome nails. A tarot card reading of a mix, what it reveals is never meant to harm you, just give you a peek into the science working on your past, present, and future. We encourage you to listen to this whenever, however this mix begs to be played on your highest-fidelity option. Hertz cotoure, these tracks shimmer, rumble, and sway in impeccably modern ways and demand some proper cones for display. Just be warned: if you have somewhere to be set an alarm because this mix hypnotizes the time away...

Aaron J Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/aaronjmusic

HNYPOT 229: Jordee's Non-binary Transmission

A year ago, as we prepared our line-up for our 2016 Pride party, we took out the magnifying glass and searched for the artists representing new and promising ideas for the queer dance-floor. An abundance of powerful players came to light, but Jordee, the spinner behind HNYPOT 229, floated to the top of that list. Jordee not only has the touch but an untouchable spirit. A personality that only got more powerful as they began transporting 60hz packets onto Bay Area dance floors. That calm, cool, and collected persona also comes through by way of the pacing of this mix. Although things eventually get rowdy and tough, Jordee takes us to darkness unscrewing one bulb at a time. Aside from the occasional vocal flourishes and hints of jazzy instrumentation, the pulsing hypnosis of this mix is persistent, the final track seemingly suggesting there is neither a begin nor end to this composition. "Captain, we are picking up a transmission from a distant queerdorgy planet." Given the speed sound travels there is no telling how long ago this message has been waiting for you. Before the ships scanners intercepted these extraterestrial beats they were entertaining a panoramic of stars and galaxies. Will these frequencies influence you for good or evil? Will they fry your engines or gift your mainframes with the alien code bringing you to unseen solar systems. You're locked in now, so only time will tell. Be brave for your world has always been unknown.

Jordee Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/jordee-2

HNYPOT 228: The Creatrix's From The Inner Ear Down

This week we have the pleasure to unleash a mix. We are not merely placing this mix onto the inter-webs, rather we have been leaning our collective weight onto the gates of this Soundcloud as a growling, lunging waveform, has been demanding to be let out. Let that be your warning before you step into the "inner ear" of The Creatrix and her first mix for the honeypotcast, one of the most daring mixes we have listened to in a while. Fanciulla Gentile aka The Creatrix is a gear-head, producing and performing live dystopian queer soundscapes intrinsic to the ever-evolving Oakland-centric politically/spiritually fueled post-techno underground. Self-releasing productions along with releases on Club Chai and No-Tech, The Creatrix seems to be romancing not only herself but a recently forgotten San Francisco attitude. A multidisciplinary musician soaked in sexual urgency and cosmic intention this mix is as much a slave to the beat as a commander of a comsmoplitan-cult of dancers. Moments of this mix seem to free the beat of its grid, an improvisational freedom breaking listeners from the bond of whatever Uber-pool rigidity they were self-imposed into previously. There is as much Underground Resistance in here as there is Tribe 8, and as long as you can take it you are invited to receive it.


HNYPOT 227: Harry Cross & Jacob Meehan's Transatlantic Rendezvous

A duo that needs no introduction for fans of our potcast - here is our 227th mix in the series by Harry Cross +Jacob Meehan aka two of the resident's of Men's Room Chicago. Half done in Berlin, half done in Chicago, the mix starts with Meehan and moves halfway across the world to Harry Cross. Catch the boys in person this Saturday night at our 12-hour warehouse rave in Brooklyn as a part of the RBMA Festival NYC. 

Jacob Meehan Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jacob-meehan
Harry Cross Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/harry_cross

HNYPOT 226: Mr. Price's Stout or Out Mix

Contrary to what current world events might suggest, being a good person CAN get you places. The selector taking us on a musical dog-walk this week is one of those people. Pulling himself away from life on the road tour-managing to focus on boutique music projects and the Love International festival, Ben Price is one of those dedicated music lovers that goes where his heart tells him to. A couple weeks ago, walking down a narrow staircase into a warmly lit rave cave beneath the nighttime streets of Bristol, we found ourselves inside the arms of Price's love child - Studio 89. A party that once had a regular edition at the now defunkt Dance Tunnel in London, Studio 89 is the kind of party that doesn't need to be talked about endlessly in print for it to be future-legendary. Looking around at all the happy faced dancers, it became clear why everyone has nothing but blessings when referencing Mr. Price and his secret dance affair. A mixed crowd of weirdos and "up-for-it" clubbers danced til' the sun came up to dusty disco, lonely thumpers, and joyous pumpers all the while giving a sense that they needed this party to happen. This mix captures a bit of the "behind the curtain" maestro that Price is, a floating and soothing selection of Detroitesque hypnotic grooves seem to support whatever you need to take on while the earbuds are in. Even when the going gets tough at around 50 minutes, we're ready 'cause our guide had our backs the whole way though. honeypotcast

Mr.Price Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/mrbprice


HNYPOT 225: Jeremy Castillo's Number One Yums Mix

Back in 2013, just before we pulled the plug on our Sunday weekly at Holy Cow, a crew of cute straight boys were becoming party regulars. So regular they even picked a favorite leather-padded booth at the club to talk shop and soak up the vibes. Bound buy a shared love of record collecting, hip-hop, and hanging out with the gays - this motley crew quickly blood-brother'd before one of their comrades, later to be known as Matrixxman, broke through the Bay Area window. Armed with Vin Sol's arsenal of drum machines and the elbow deep nightlife reputation of Primo Pitino these boys formed Club Lonely - a new club night and label. They also positioned a newcomer to be the prince of their dirtbag claps-on-the-one empire, a cool headed and naturally focused chap named Jeremy Castillo. Taking his time to enter into the already bloated SF DJ scene, Jeremy blew Honey fans away with his headlining slot at our pre-Thanksgiving party in 2015. Cutting his teeth playing rap music in the bars, Jeremy has been making waves pushing house and disco into the short-set tag-teams that the Club Lonely parties in SF are becoming infamous for. His track, Talk 2 The Hand feat. Vin Sol, an organ grinder of a tune confident enough to shake any "Room 1" across the water, made it into our Boiler Room set even a year after its release. We've been waiting a minute for a mix from Jeremy, but like all his moves, it is about the how you and not the when you... Enjoy

Jeremy Castillo Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jeremy_castillo

HNYPOT 224: Bouffant Bouffant's One Night Love Affair Mix

For our 224th edition of the Honey Podcast we head to New Orleans, Louisiana for a session with the man behind an onslaught of weekly and monthly dance parties. Bouffant Bouffant, alongside being a favorite amongst the American gayborhood of dance parties we often frequent, has quickly become the mini-don of NoLa clubs pushing the house/techno/disco agenda. Supported by a non-denominationally fierce crew of DJs, musicians, and artists - he has helped magnetize transient fans of four-on-the-floor down South to enjoy the already bustling party-rich city. Sunset to Sunrise, heavy-petting to cocktail hour, Bouffont wears the blue collar for disc-jockey - he has played all the slots and won. Although he has a record bag for every occasion, Bouffont particularly excels in the laid-back boogie stylings we get in this mix. Whether the Bayou sun is beating you into a lawn chair or you and your dude are gonna light a doobie and rustle some sheets - this groover of a mix has got you.

BOUFFANT BOUFFANT SC : https://soundcloud.com/bouffant-bouffant

HNYPOT 223: E. Myers Prologue Mix

This week we welcome a Potcast from the mysterious E. Myers... All we know about the masked Myers is from the music itself. His track "hate" last year became somewhat of an anthem for us, making it on to mixes and a particularly angelic slice of our set at Movement in Detroit. For this mix we will also have to just let the music speak for the man, and boy it sure does.

E.Meyers Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/e-myers


HNYPOT 222: DJ Holographic's Don't Hurt My Conscience Mix

A month ago, we made a pilgrimage back to Kendig's hometown of Detroit to play a party at Marble Bar. Throughout our day in town we kept getting asked, “Are you are going to the afterparty at Grenadier?" That pressure to afterparty on tour is often the same feeling you get when someone points to a cake case after a long and fulfilling meal — GUILTY. But we felt like a slice of pie on this ice-cold night in the D, and the promoter drove us to this spot everyone was hyping in a neighborhood not far off. Outside, Grenadier is an unassuming two story corner building, maybe once home to a laundromat and accounting offices. Nightowls of all ages and colors huddled by the entrance itching to get in. Once inside Kendig uttered "I haven't felt this vibe since I was out here raving as a teenager, this is what it used to be like." Amongst the light bass shuddering off every loose item in the place was a proper after-hours — raw energy and a sense that people needed this place and would defend it to the end. We gravitated towards the first floor dance-area, the sound of a jazz-sampled bassline being knocked around by drum-machines. The party was called BAK DØR, it was a queer night at Grenadier, the crowd was certainly mixed, but the space was ruled by queers, and it was demanding an inclusionary attitude. The DJ sucking us closer and closer to the DJ booth: Holographic. Hair pulled back, a tank-top clinging for dear life to her jacking body, this young savant was tossing a room of dancers around like she had strings attached to 'em. We looked over at Shaun J. Wright for some explanation who shot back “This is what I have been trying to tell them, she is the real thing, she has got it." That is really all you can do to describe Holographic without sounding like an aging house-head past your prime: Holographic has "got it." After her set, we watched as new fans, old friends, and scene heads surrounded her by the bar. Her earnest honesty and willingness to entertain even the drunkest admirer was a sign of someone dedicated to her gifts. We begged for a podcast and got one... It's one thing to have a collection of Detroit-based music, to be a fan and to recognize its influence on the music cannon, but it is something entirely different to go there and experience the city's frequencies in the flesh. If you get the pleasure to hear Ariel, aka DJ Holographic in person, you might just catch that reality. She embodies not only the evolution of the queer spirit but a new generation’s interpretation of a sound we thought we couldn't fall in love with again. Get Holographic this Saturday at CMYK in San Francisco at The Stud for Marke Bieschke's new party celebrating the more colorful side of techno + house.

HNYPOT 221: Odd Oswald's Bits Of Rage Mix

Making a living as an artist is a struggle in most parts of the world. It seems to be the borderless conundrum of having a passion for art and a fever to create. One perk of the job though, is that no matter where you go, you're bound to find family. No matter the city, around the bend of every club or bar there seems a familiar face. Odd Oswald was one of those blasts from the past that we found ourselves reunited with in our travels this past year. At one time a celebrated San Francisco disc-jockey and promoter -- Odd O aka Brian B stepped into the smoke of the European music scene and never looked back. Busy behind the curtain as a label/tour manager for big name acts, we knew that his new found perspective could only have added to his already killer approach to digging and mixing. So, to show an old friend some new tricks, Odd made us this mix - his last one for us was back in 2012(bit.ly/2m1NoHv). The penchant for dark and filthy sonics that made his bay area sets such a delight are still present in this 2hr acidic rave-jog - but these selections are razor sharp, preposterously programmed, and grab you harder then the punch of an epi-pen.

HNYPOT 220: James Hillard's Spazzed Out Mix

Our love affair with the Horse Meat Disco crew goes as far back as 2007. We first hosted them that year in a seedy upstairs loft space complete with stripper pole and crusty couches in South of Market, SF. Since then we’ve had the pleasure of watching this crew of 4 rocket to stardom and hear how the rigor of international travel and festival gigging can influence and evolve a DJ’s sound. Although all of the jockeys in HMD are young at heart, James Hillard, came to the table with a profound record collection but was not quite established yet as a headlining act. That said, it did not take long for him to convince London and the world of his razor sharp ear and technical finesse on the decks. Honey had the pleasure of hearing James rock dance-floors in every situation. And in many ways you can't ignore his ability to sound fresh after every single spin. That surprising freshness is what sparked us to ask for this mix. It was last December, Honey was going head to head with the HMD crew at XOYO London and it was time for James to go up to bat for his crew for 60 minutes. The room was packed to the brim, full of 20 something kids. You could smell the hormones and pheromones bouncing off of the walls and see hundreds of pupils wide open like tunnels sucking in the retro sounds James was feeding them. The quick moving club lights were periodically blinding and as your eyes adjusted glimmers of being in a club decades past proved to be a mirage. The energy was so clean and so mean we were pretty sure James brought a time-machine modification for the mixer that night. It was yet another example of how James continues to hone his craft with the same tools - great records and clean mixing. We begged him to make us a mix that reflected what was inspiring him that night and he obliged. So here it is.


HNYPOT 219: Beesmunt Soundsystem's Sweet Honey Mix

At one point or another the internet brought our attention to a crew in Amsterdam doing parties and releasing music under an eerily similar name - Beesmunt Soundsystem. A suspect reaction quelled as the photos of two handsome, tastefully dressed, and beach-chillin gingers appeared... their names: David van der Leeuw & Luigi Vittorio Jansen. Without much to go on, we kept an ear out as they romanced the world with beautiful tunes on labels we loved. They also took their seemingly Californian style approach to tempos and synth-work into the Red Light Radio studio where they do a regular show that never disappoints. For Honey fans, you know what happened next, the boys got in touch after seeing our label making waves and sent us the last 12" we put out - Sensual Works. Since then we have met in person and listened to so many of their radio shows we BEGGED them to make one for us. So, here it is BSS Radio on HSS Potcast !

Beesmunt Soundsystem Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/beesmunt-soundsystem

Beesmunt Soundsystem Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/artist/2041918-Beesmunt-Soundsystem


Jennifer Cardini - Live at Honey Dusted X 08-28-16

After 10 years of doing a Friday night party at Burning Man, Honey Soundsystem decided to end it all with a bang. Normally a renegade rave happening inside the city at the Comfort & Joy camp, Honey Dusted X took to the inner playa and did a final trip out in the open. Climbing aboard the recklessly packed BAAAHS art car, Jennifer Cardini took to the decks at Midnight (a champagne toast hosted by Tickled Mink happening simultaneous around the dancefloor). A more friendly departure then the razor sharp techno set she played two nights before on the Mayan Warrior, Cardini took gay burner revelers to town with a cool blend of house, disco, and thumpers. The vibes were thick and by the time "Sueno Latino" started fading into the speakers there wasn't a queen nearby that wasn't asking who the hell just took them to church.

Jennifer Cardini Soundcloud :https://soundcloud.com/jennifercardini

Jennifer Cardini Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/JenniferCardini

Jennifer Cardini RA : https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/jennifercardini


HNYPOT 218: Ketiov's Half-awake or Half-asleep

This past July, sometime after 4am, revelers at the annual Sunset Campout, a weekend long event embedded deep in the Sierra mountains found themselves dancing riverside. Surrounded by trees, rocks, a giant bridge over water with a small arsenal of twinkling LED and projection light bouncing off every corner Galen went on the decks. Slotting himself on the side stage at a time easily looked over, arriving almost felt like you had found the secret party at the party. Galen, one of the trio responsible for the 22 year strong Sunset Sound System was dressed in a perfectly Cali-cowboy get-up ready to take family and friends into the day as the sun approached. Keeping things locked at 127, this had to be one of the most unique sets of the weekend, not an easy thing to accomplish after sets by Idjut Boys, KZA, and Red Axes. And yet, who better to entertain notions of a west-coast psychadelic weekend rave then a man who has been working dance-floors on this side of the US for 25 years. Weaving through the bubbly swirly hip-hopish techno sounds that have become his signature, disco dub classics and dirty baseline heavy jams that set a net on dancers, this set holds so many surprises. Needless to say we have been hounding him for this recording ever since. Sometimes when the guy who was directing traffic all weekend for an event decides to step behind the decks, they are depleted of energy and motive to move dancers. Sometimes, like in this case, the host of the weekend knows just what to do, you are in their house and no only do they want you to feel welcome, they want so show you all their nice things. Getting to share this set is such a treat, enjoy! Galen's
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dj-galen
Galen Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/djgalen Galen RA : https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/galen

HNYPOT 217: Geoffrey LaRue's Marno Klompers

This past August in the woods of West Virginia, a group of 400+ revelers gathered for 96 hours of party. Sunday morning, just around sunrise, a fresh young face emerged poolside to usher weary dancers into the final day of raving. After being pummeled through the night with heavy tunes, it seemed a difficult task to go on, but Geoffrey LaRue had a plan. Romancing the sun and die harders back from the dead, LaRue unveiled a Shakespearean sonnet of glam, ballads, and mutant pop disco. Later the recording would emerge on his Soundcloud and festival goers shared it now to solidify its cult status. Marno Klompers is his encore to that beautiful sunrise set. 2 hours of time-travel fit for any occasion. Enjoy. “Well your ass is your ticket to paradise but the meager rewards it delivers are no match for the enormous energy it demands.” -Bob Maslin

 Marisa Mell – Slave of Love 
Rod McKuen – Eros 
Carly Simon – Body and Soul 
Fleetwood Mac – Prove Your Love 
Mina – Street Angel 
Player – Baby Come Back 
Sparks – Cool Places 
The B52s – Give Me Back My Man 
New Edition for Muzak – Fame 
Bob Crewe – Cherry Boy 
Ian Dury & The Blockheads – Clevor Trever 
Talking Heads – Seen and Not Seen 
Flash and the Pan – Hole In The Middle 
Veronica Unlimited – Gimme More 
Harry Thumann – You Turn Me On 
Babla – Hamko Tumpe Pyar Aaya 
Boney M – Voodoo Nights
 David Bowie – Red Money 
Gilla – Help Help 
Giorgio Moroder – Knights In White Satin 
Young Love – Baby I’m Right 
Art Sullivan et le Groupe Cash – Fan Fan Fan 
Amanda Lear – Blood And Honey (Spoken Word) 
Sandy Baron – Hustler and Therapist
 MFB – Boredom Pain 
The Doors – Peace Frog 
Steve Linnegar’s Snakeshed – Close It 
Grateful Dead – Shakedown Street
 Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London 
Captain Beefheart – Pena 
Sparks – Biology 2 
Blondie – Go Through It 
Gruppo Sportivo – In Love Again 
Fleetwood Mac – What Makes You Think You’re The One 
The Boys Town Gang – Cruisin’ The Streets 

Geoffrey LaRue's Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/geoffreylarue

HNYPOT 216: Galen’s Sunrise on the Beach - Live at Sunset Campout 2016

This past July, sometime after 4am, revelers at the annual Sunset Campout, a weekend long event embedded deep in the Sierra mountains found themselves dancing riverside. Surrounded by trees, rocks, a giant bridge over water with a small arsenal of twinkling LED and projection light bouncing off every corner Galen went on the decks. Slotting himself on the side stage at a time easily looked over, arriving almost felt like you had found the secret party at the party. Galen, one of the trio responsible for the 22 year strong Sunset Sound System was dressed in a perfectly Cali-cowboy get-up ready to take family and friends into the day as the sun approached. Keeping things locked at 127, this had to be one of the most unique sets of the weekend, not an easy thing to accomplish after sets by Idjut Boys, KZA, and Red Axes. And yet, who better to entertain notions of a west-coast psychadelic weekend rave then a man who has been working dance-floors on this side of the US for 25 years. Weaving through the bubbly swirly hip-hopish techno sounds that have become his signature, disco dub classics and dirty baseline heavy jams that set a net on dancers, this set holds so many surprises. Needless to say we have been hounding him for this recording ever since. Sometimes when the guy who was directing traffic all weekend for an event decides to step behind the decks, they are depleted of energy and motive to move dancers. Sometimes, like in this case, the host of the weekend knows just what to do, you are in their house and no only do they want you to feel welcome, they want so show you all their nice things. Getting to share this set is such a treat, enjoy!  

Galen's Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dj-galen  
Galen Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/djgalen 

Galen RA : https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/galen

HNYPOT 215: Trevor Sigler's Summer Comedown Mix

Although we are just getting our hotter days of the year here in San Francisco, dancers are feeling the comedown of months of festivities and travel. Trevor Sigler decided it appropriate to make us something to help ease us into the fall season, a mix filled with warm synthetic percussion, gooey melodies, and warm pads. A staple on the SF dance music scene over the past decade, Trevor has had his hands in some of the more psychedelic queer dance music parties like Romper Room and Sqrrrl. A trained audio engineer, his sets lean towards the sounds that take full advantage of where a sound system can go. Glacial, roomy, and precise, Sigler takes a similar approach to his original productions that he does his DJ mixing. We are excited to see this patient and heartfelt music maker continue to make his mark on the Bay and further.

Trevor Sigler's Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/tsigler3441


HNYPOT 214: Jacob Meehan's Roodhouse Sunrise

Poolside after a heavy weekend of partying at the Honcho Campout in West Virginia, it was coming time for Jacob Meehan to do his thing after 2.5 days of an immense amount of music from his peers. Rumor had it he was going to play ambient/new age, but it was hard to believe as the dance-floor was raging to peak-time house with no sign of aging. Another obstacle? The DJ booth had been electric shocking people all weekend and the problem had spread to the turntables. Needless to say Meehan took another route and had to leave a bag of lighter fare to the side as he swung dancers into a more main room route. Later on, I asked if he would compose the potcast a mix of the gems waiting in that record bag. This ambient mix is his response, coincidentally recorded at sunrise in front of his parents. Recorded at Meehan Family Pond Wednesday, September 7, 2016 6am

Track List:
Chick Corea - Imp’s Welcome 
John Roberts - Berceuse 
DJ Metatron - Spiralworlds 
Ray Lynch - The Oh of Pleasure 
Matthew Bourne - Somewhere I Have Never Travelled (For Coral Evans) 
Panoram - Bad Request 
Sounds of Nature - Waterbugs 
Acronym - Mu 4 
Garrett David & Colin Johnson - Mantra
 Dominique Dumont - Un Jour Avec Yusef 
John Roberts - Six 
John Tejada - The Dream 
Brian Eno - Becalmed 
K. Leimer - Very Tired

Jacob Meehan's Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jacob-meehan


HNYPOT 213: Ron Like Hell's October Child Mix

Halloween approaches and we're gearing up for an evening with the New York City vinyl maestro Ron Like Hell. No stranger to Honey Soundsystem, Ron has been featured on our potcast and played for our dancers in years past. Outside of his bromantic DJ duo Wrecked (with Ryan Smith), Ron has been holding down residencies and psyching dance-floors in New York City and around the world for dare we say decades? A lifetime working and digging in record stores, Ron has the kind of music knowledge that makes every collector a fan. But, no matter how deep his crates go, Ron manages to keep his encyclopedic knowledge from clouding his infectious enthusiasm and willingness to be a people's selector. We are pleased to present an exclusive new Potcast from the man himself. Traversing the bittersweet sounds of autumn, this is the most pleasant trip to hell you could ask for. 

Ron Like Hell On Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/ronlikehell

HNYPOT 212: Secret Studio's Session Mix for Honey

Bai-ee and Tyrel Williams have been inspiring each other musically as djs for over a decade. Both with Chicago roots they came up on the diverse sounds of the area before transplanting themselves in San Francisco. Under the Secret Studio moniker they are beginning to release tracks. Starting with Acid Bath and Home Bass (featuring D'Marc Cantu). These two hard hitting acid cuts represent the overall aesthetic and future direction of their label www.SSRecords.info Originating out of room 147 at the Secret Studios Annex in San Francisco, Secret Studio is the launching pad for the collaborative Dj and production efforts of Tyrel Williams & Bai-ee. Long time residents at www.HousepitalitySF.com, they moved into the Secret Studios Annex where they combined gear and began recording music. Soon their studio became a go-to environment for hosting acts before and after shows at Housepitality and Acid Test SF.

Secret Studios On Discogs

Secret Studios Bandcamp

HNYPOT 211: Ouissam's Sheung Wan Mix

Back in April Jackie House did a short run of dates in Asia. She came back from this trip on a mission to get a mix from the lovely and talented Ouissam Mokretar of Hong Kong. A French ex-patriate living in the Pearl of the Orient, Ouissam seems to have created his own miniature kingdom of dance music over the years. Spearheading a booking agency, a record label, a series of nights, and now a nightclub project in Hanoi, it was hard to believe he was also as good a selector as he was an entrepreneur. The night Jackie played for him, literally minutes before the HK police raided the club for deviants, Ouissam played an immaculately mixed set of disco-leaning dance music to a dance-floor of happy faces and moving feet. Enthusiasm and care for the future of the Asian music scene oozes out of this man and we are so pleased to be able to present an exclusive mix from him for our Potcast series.

HNYPOT 210: Lovefingers & Heidi Lawden's Fruits Of Labor Mix

Collaborations are formed any which way. It could be an accidental night of creative bliss that brings two artists into alliance or even an unforeseen emergency. For us it was a slow ride of chance musical encounters that formed the Honey beehive. One of the most magical artistic bonds though comes from another place, the unifying element of romance. People are often scared to call it as it is for fear it will stigmatize the art-form, but the masses can't get enough of a creative power-couple. Honey can't get enough either, and we jumped at the chance to book a DJ-duo who calls for one king size bed in their rider. That said, we aren't one for cheap gimmicks (ok that might be a white lie), the spark of a good collaboration or b2b is hard to fake. So it might have taken us a second to warm up to the idea that Lovefingers & Heidi Lawden were as good a DJ pair as they are solo acts. That being said, a couple of months ago we got the pleasure of witnessing them rock L.A. dancers in a DTLA warehouse... it was absolute next-level. So how sweet it is that we get to present to you the FIRST studio mix the duo has presented together. A two hour long journey inspired by what these two think will make Honey Soundsystem fans move to, including more than a few deep crate pulls, a signature element of their sets.

HNYPOT 209: Mozhgan's Venom Mix

San Francisco still breeds talent, the kind that not only pushes its rich history of cutting edge dance sounds forward, but the kind that are willing to pay their respects to those that came before. Mozhgan has been doing just that. With her stylized approach to dark discotheque-ing, this San Francisco based artist has quickly stormed our favorite dancefloors across the city with her mystical synthesizer heavy sounds and resiliently optimistic black-heart. Her previous effort for the Honey Potcast spread like fire and became one of the most listened to mixes we have had the pleasure to release. For her sophomore effort, Moz pulls out her ceremonial techno knife and impales listeners with 50 minutes of intensity. Don't worry, there is a nice reward at the end for those brave enough - buckle up.