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HNYPOT 214: Jacob Meehan's Roodhouse Sunrise

Poolside after a heavy weekend of partying at the Honcho Campout in West Virginia, it was coming time for Jacob Meehan to do his thing after 2.5 days of an immense amount of music from his peers. Rumor had it he was going to play ambient/new age, but it was hard to believe as the dance-floor was raging to peak-time house with no sign of aging. Another obstacle? The DJ booth had been electric shocking people all weekend and the problem had spread to the turntables. Needless to say Meehan took another route and had to leave a bag of lighter fare to the side as he swung dancers into a more main room route. Later on, I asked if he would compose the potcast a mix of the gems waiting in that record bag. This ambient mix is his response, coincidentally recorded at sunrise in front of his parents. Recorded at Meehan Family Pond Wednesday, September 7, 2016 6am

Track List:
Chick Corea - Imp’s Welcome 
John Roberts - Berceuse 
DJ Metatron - Spiralworlds 
Ray Lynch - The Oh of Pleasure 
Matthew Bourne - Somewhere I Have Never Travelled (For Coral Evans) 
Panoram - Bad Request 
Sounds of Nature - Waterbugs 
Acronym - Mu 4 
Garrett David & Colin Johnson - Mantra
 Dominique Dumont - Un Jour Avec Yusef 
John Roberts - Six 
John Tejada - The Dream 
Brian Eno - Becalmed 
K. Leimer - Very Tired

Jacob Meehan's Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jacob-meehan


HNYPOT 213: Ron Like Hell's October Child Mix

Halloween approaches and we're gearing up for an evening with the New York City vinyl maestro Ron Like Hell. No stranger to Honey Soundsystem, Ron has been featured on our potcast and played for our dancers in years past. Outside of his bromantic DJ duo Wrecked (with Ryan Smith), Ron has been holding down residencies and psyching dance-floors in New York City and around the world for dare we say decades? A lifetime working and digging in record stores, Ron has the kind of music knowledge that makes every collector a fan. But, no matter how deep his crates go, Ron manages to keep his encyclopedic knowledge from clouding his infectious enthusiasm and willingness to be a people's selector. We are pleased to present an exclusive new Potcast from the man himself. Traversing the bittersweet sounds of autumn, this is the most pleasant trip to hell you could ask for.

HNYPOT 212: Secret Studio's Session Mix for Honey

Bai-ee and Tyrel Williams have been inspiring each other musically as djs for over a decade. Both with Chicago roots they came up on the diverse sounds of the area before transplanting themselves in San Francisco. Under the Secret Studio moniker they are beginning to release tracks. Starting with Acid Bath and Home Bass (featuring D'Marc Cantu). These two hard hitting acid cuts represent the overall aesthetic and future direction of their label www.SSRecords.info
Originating out of room 147 at the Secret Studios Annex in San Francisco, Secret Studio is the launching pad for the collaborative Dj and production efforts of Tyrel Williams & Bai-ee.
Long time residents at www.HousepitalitySF.com, they moved into the Secret Studios Annex where they combined gear and began recording music. Soon their studio became a go-to environment for hosting acts before and after shows at Housepitality and Acid Test SF.

Secret Studios On Discogs
Secret Studios Bandcamp

HNYPOT 211: Ouissam's Sheung Wan Mix

Back in April Jackie House did a short run of dates in Asia. She came back from this trip on a mission to get a mix from the lovely and talented Ouissam Mokretar of Hong Kong. A French ex-patriate living in the Pearl of the Orient, Ouissam seems to have created his own miniature kingdom of dance music over the years. Spearheading a booking agency, a record label, a series of nights, and now a nightclub project in Hanoi, it was hard to believe he was also as good a selector as he was an entrepreneur. The night Jackie played for him, literally minutes before the HK police raided the club for deviants, Ouissam played an immaculately mixed set of disco-leaning dance music to a dance-floor of happy faces and moving feet. Enthusiasm and care for the future of the Asian music scene oozes out of this man and we are so pleased to be able to present an exclusive mix from him for our Potcast series.

HNYPOT 210: Lovefingers & Heidi Lawden's Fruits Of Labor Mix

Collaborations are formed any which way. It could be an accidental night of creative bliss that brings two artists into alliance or even an unforeseen emergency. For us it was a slow ride of chance musical encounters that formed the Honey beehive. One of the most magical artistic bonds though comes from another place, the unifying element of romance. People are often scared to call it as it is for fear it will stigmatize the art-form, but the masses can't get enough of a creative power-couple. Honey can't get enough either, and we jumped at the chance to book a DJ-duo who calls for one king size bed in their rider. That said, we aren't one for cheap gimmicks (ok that might be a white lie), the spark of a good collaboration or b2b is hard to fake. So it might have taken us a second to warm up to the idea that Lovefingers & Heidi Lawden were as good a DJ pair as they are solo acts. That being said, a couple of months ago we got the pleasure of witnessing them rock L.A. dancers in a DTLA warehouse... it was absolute next-level.
So how sweet it is that we get to present to you the FIRST studio mix the duo has presented together. A two hour long journey inspired by what these two think will make Honey Soundsystem fans move to, including more than a few deep crate pulls, a signature element of their sets.

HNYPOT 209: Mozhgan's Venom Mix

San Francisco still breeds talent, the kind that not only pushes its rich history of cutting edge dance sounds forward, but the kind that are willing to pay their respects to those that came before. Mozhgan has been doing just that. With her stylized approach to dark discotheque-ing, this San Francisco based artist has quickly stormed our favorite dancefloors across the city with her mystical synthesizer heavy sounds and resiliently optimistic black-heart. Her previous effort for the Honey Potcast spread like fire and became one of the most listened to mixes we have had the pleasure to release. For her sophomore effort, Moz pulls out her ceremonial techno knife and impales listeners with 50 minutes of intensity. Don't worry, there is a nice reward at the end for those brave enough - buckle up.

HNYPOT 208: Shaun J. Wright's Sweet Honey And T Blend

Fanfan - Cranc - U.S.S. Dancefloo
Feels - Digadoo - Naked Naked Records
Ricardo Baez - Tribute To L (Eli Escobar Beatappela) - Night People NYC
Stephen Lopkin - CEN 56 - Titanic City 
Drala - Datfreaky - Yoruba Records
Stereogamous feat. Shaun J. Wright - Don't Fight It (Alinka Remix) - Twirl Records
Alexander Robotnick - Disco Sick (Tensnake Remix) - Endless Flight
Dude Energy - Renee Running - Animals Dancing
Shaun J. Wright & Alinka - Matters Of The Heart (The Black Madonna Remix) - Classic Music Company
Legowelt - To The Homeland - Clone Jack For Daze Series
Trevor Jackson - I Want U - The Vinyl Factory 
Tale Of Us - Silent Space - R&S Records
Justin Cudmore - Crystal (G. Haslam Dekalb Avenue Mix) - HNYTRX
Fierce Ruling Diva - Whipped Kream - Invasion Recordings
Mr. Fingers - Distant Planet - Trax Records
Sneaker - Haunted Samba - Rat Life
Bell Hooks - On Freire 
Red Rack'em - Chinese Electro - Bergerac
HD Substance - Wheatfield - Detroit Underground

Symbols & Instruments- Mood (Optimistic Mix) - KMS

Are my roots showing? Because our latest Honey Potcast exclusive mix comes from an artist that we go way back with. Longtime honey bees are no stranger to Shaun J. Wright, his distinct vocal chops, or skills on the decks. We've been waiting for him to make us a mix for the series since his set at our first ever DEVIANTS: Adult Arcade party in 2012. Using his Twirl Records label as a home base for new productions Shaun is celebrating a string of new releases, a couple of which make an appearance on this 80+ minute trek through the many faces of house/techno.


HNYPOT 207: Ketiov's Flying Overseas

The chances we were going to get an exclusive podcast from Ketiov (one of the duo that is Catz 'n Dogz) was slim to none. We have been trying for a couple of years now but between him dropping countless remixes, original productions, starting a music festival in Warsaw, running the Pets Recordings label, and world touring what seems like every weekend, we knew it would be a long shot. Until, today... when he threw us this gorgeous mix... It was entirely worth the wait.

HNYPOT 206: DSKE's Across The Water Mix

Our latest potcast comes from across the Pacific, an exclusive session with beat maven Daisuke Kudo (aka DSKE). A regular at Tokyo's most respected clubs for underground dance music DSKE has established himself running dancefloors at Air, AgeHa, Eleven, and even at the legendary Dommune. Give this wildly playful mix a listen and you will also see why he has become a regular for Berlin's Panorama Bar Klubnacht nights. Honey is blessed to get an exclusive mix from this talented babe. Enjoy!

DSKE On Soundcloud

HNYPOT 205: Lupe's 808 And A Dash Mix

Track List :
Stopp – I’m Hungry
DJs Parejas – Vamos Viendo feat Tom Tom Clubber
House People feat Cynthia M – Trax My Body (Original 12” Version)
Darwin Chambers & DJ Utopia – 303 Watts
Earl Grey – Anytime
Marcus Mixx – The Spell (Ron Hardy 12” Club Mix)
Alejandro Paz – Free
Zazou Bikaye – Na Kenda (Afro Acid Mix)
DJ Steaw – Wild (Stwrd Dubz)
Mehdispoz - Time For Acid Rain
Darwin Chambers & DJ Utopia – Bonus Beats
Ricardo Miranda – 102point7
Patrizia Pellegrino – Musica Spaziale (Flemming Dalum edit)
Todd Osborn – 909
Nico Band – Let It Show
Lupe - Melomania

Back in September, Honey found itself on the dance floor of Amsterdam's Studio 80 for the Get On Down party. It was midnight and through plumes of smoke and black-boxes piled high with dancers, the clanging analog drum sounds of a dj set by LUPE filled the room. Effortlessly bouncing through vintage italo, nu-jack trax, and acidisco vibes, this wild-child had the room sweating in a frenzy before we took the decks. Lucky to share a bit of those vibes with you now, here is an exclusive mix Lupe made for the honeypotcast with familiar names on the track-listing and even an original tune from the dutch maestro himself.

HNYPOT 204: Harry Cross' Son Of Kong Mix

Track List:
1.Blade Runner / Amon Tobin - Adrastea Contact
2.Identified Patient - Untittledkol2
3.Olin - Out Alone
4.Vrsion - Vibration
5.OCH - Don't Fight It
7.6.Severed Heads - All Saints Day (Dub)
8.Linkwood - Object
9.Alejandro Paz, DJs Pareja - Cagame
10.Henning Baer - Gemini
11.The Golden Filter - Breakdown
12.Simon Baker, BKR Projekt - Ebony
13.Food Pyramid - Oh Mercy (Jamie Paton remix)
14.Kate Simko, Tevo Howard - Polyrhymic Theme (Fred P Reshape)
15.Change - Angel in My Pocket (Edit)
16.Ike Release - Watercolors
17.Daniel Avery - Decision Two
18.Juju & Jordash - Down to the Roach

Harry Cross On Soundcloud

HNYPOT 203: Jimmy B Live In Brooklyn

San Francisco's late night scene wouldn't be the same without DJ/promoter Jimmy B. Over the better half of the last decade he's been known and praised for his quality underground House sound. Jimmy is one of the few DJs that has made a name for himself without a reputation as a producer.You've probably already found yourself dancing to his tunes from nightclubs to after-hours across the city. We are excited to share this slice of Jimmy B live in action as he rocked the dance floor in NY.

HNYPOT 202: Aaron Clark's Americans Take Berlin Mix

The family is converging in Berlin this weekend for a tour de force of queer techno at Berghain/ PanoramaBar! Next in our series of ramp-ups is a mix from head Honcho Aaron Clark.

HNYPOT 201: Jacob Meehan's Americans Take Berlin Mix

Track List :
Jon Hassell - Ba-Ya Dub (No UFO's Version)
John Roberts - Promise
Renegade Soundwave - The Phantom, It's In There
Physical Therapy - Pointilism
CZR - Chicago Southside
Chip E - If You Only Knew (Club Mix)
Headcore - In & Out
(Gay Sounds #3)
The Rhythm Odyssey and Dr. Dunks - La Chiave
Octo Octa - Fever Dream
Yvette - Pump Me (Mayday Mix)
Marcello Napoletano - A Prescription of Love
Frankie Bones - Broad Channel
Shaun J Wright & Alinka - Love Songs (Jacob Meehan Remix)

The family is converging in Berlin this weekend for a tour de force of queer techno at Berghain/ PanoramaBar! We are thrilled to share this mix by one of the masterminds of the infamous Men's Room parties in Chicago.

HNYPOT 200: Chris Bowen's All Vinyl Mix

We're struggling to find the PG-13 version of what we want to say about the man behind this exclusive "all vinyl" mix and the next installment of our Honey Potcast series. Maybe the words escape us because we have spent far to many a late night behind, in front, and possibly underneath the decks with this Los Angeles dance-music institution.
Partnered with rave-daddy Victor Rodriguez (as Critter Control) Bowen was responsible for the now defunct Shits & Giggles weekly party which led the charge bringing gays and dancers back to downtown L.A. to club, now a part of town littered with nights, new gay bars, and hipness. These days you can find him playing at his various residencies around L.A. or playing den mother for disco-heads and furry sluts at his Brutus, Cubscout, and Bears In Space parties. Bowen's fun not fans approach to promoting finds it's way into every corner of these get-togethers. His seemingly effortless hustle has shaped an entire scene and even spawned some minions and jockers.
For this no nonsense exclusive mix we get a taste of the signature Bowen boogie chalk full of 80s analogue rhythms, cool-as-ice leather laden melodies, and even some jump and shout anthems. Whether you're pouring your going out whiskey or cutting your after-party (bathroom) line - this 60 minutes has you covered.

HNYPOT 199: Daniel T's At That Party Right Now

Daniel T. is and isn't one of LA's best kept selector secrets. He has been in and out of many musical projects/collaborations over the past decade and it seemed hard to pin him down. That seems to be changing though 'cause Daniel is on fire, the kind of musical tastemaker that seems to be on everyone's side and hanging with every genre. This brand new + exclusive mix is no exception and shows off how this vinyl enthusiast has been able to hold down countless residencies and travel the world with his music.
A rare example of modesty in the city of Angels, we are stoked to invite Daniel to the Honey decks for our July 19 residency date at Sound Nightclub. We know that our fans are gonna fall in love with his selections too.

HNYPOT 198: Mozhgan

A breathtakingly beautifully exclusive mix from San Francisco based selector Mozhgan. Responsible for the long running We Are Monsters parties (alongside Solar and Jason Greer), Mozhgan has been honing her dark arts on the decks for sometime. This mix ebbs and flows with perfection. This is the kind of mix that transcends a collection of sounds to becomes something you turn to to keep you company, like on an afternoon when you choose to keep your hood on long after the rain has stopped.
You're going to be searching for her soon after this spins the first time. Promise.

HNYPOT 197: Doc Sleep's Medical Procedure

A frequent guest over the years at our events, Doc Sleep (aka Melissa Dr. Sleep) has found a deep groove this year with a healthy string of releases, headlining slots across the US, and some world attention on her Jacktone label. We not only have asked her back to our decks this Friday night for our party with Steffi at Mighty, but we asked her for this exclusive mix.
Boy did she deliver. Just try not to slip away into this heavy tide of fuzzy kicks and dub chords, we dare you.

HNYPOT 196: 33RPM Mix By Front De Cadeaux

An exclusive mixtape from our European friends Front De Cadeaux. Keeping things on the low-end the majority of the mix sounds like tracks played on the wrong speed - or rather the right speed. Full of exclusive edits and a new upcoming single (infodrogue) by the group themselves we are honor to have this one to share just for Honey fans.

HNYPOT 194: Kenji Takimi's Honey Soundsystem Mix

Kenji, a man of mystery for many, has earned a cult status in the Dance music community for his incredible releases and productions on his imprint Crue-L Records. Although he is very active in his home Japan, it is a rare treat when he ventures outside the country, especially to the USA. Surprisingly, for how "California" his productions and DJ mixes sound, this will be his first time to our chilled out beach-y coastline.

Kenji Takimi On Soundcloud

HNYPOT 194: Snuff Crew Live At Tresor Berlin [11.29.14]

Snuff Crew gives us a live set to host on the Honey Potcast and we are so pleased with the results. This set was recorded on November 29th for their performance at "The29Nov Films vs Killekill" party at the infamous Berlin techno club Tresor. What we get is a walloping punch of house, acid and electronics running throughout the session. As big fans of Snuff Crew we proudly present their live set.

HNYPOT 193: JENILUV's What Is This Pill

Honey Soundsystem tried so long to get a mix from venerable LA turned SF turned LA underground queen-pin JENILUV that we thought she'd blue ball us into gay-ternity. Since day one we have been equally as enamored as fearful of her talent and repertoire and this mix leaves us without doubts. Her roots in the San Francisco house music scene runs back to her days in the early 00's doing Fistfight (with rebel rouser club royal Jenny Young), Deep Shit (with Charlotte the Baroness), and DHP (Deep House Project). These days you can find her pushing it all over Los Angeles at her Making Shapes / JACK undergrounds or at the people lucky enough to snag her for a set at their nights.
As always, this mix was recorded in something all black - potentially denim, potentially distressed, potentially that cost nothing to her but a fortune to someone else 20 years ago. You better work.

HNYPOT 192: Lee Douglas' New Year's Eve 2015 Mix

Honey Soundsystem and Sunset Sound System celebrate 5 years of their annual New Years Eve jaunt. This year they team up with Gray Area at their new space in the heart of the Mission in the old Grand Theater.
Joining us from Europe, dj/producer Lee Douglas will help us ring in 2015 with his eclectic sounds and impeccable mixing. Alongside his own optimistic disco releases, Douglas has also released as TBD (a DFA records project with Justin Vandervogen), The Stallions (a collaboration with ESP institutes Lovefingers), and most recenlty as An-i (a dark techno moniker on Cititrax).
Backing up Lee on the decks will be the Sunset and Honey Soundsystem residents.
As usual the lighting and decor for this event will be spectacular. This year a collaboration from HEX and CoreCult will create a larger then life LED sculpture to keep us dancing the night away. As apart of their involvement in the event Gray Area is working closely with both installation crews alongside integrating them into the creative coding program running through December.

HNYPOT 191: Paul Goodyear's San Francisco Hi-Nrg Tribute Mix

Track List
2.Lift Off - Patrick Cowley (Megatone 1981)
3. Rocket to your heart - Lisa (Moby Dick 1983)

4. Seclusion- Shawn Benson (TSR 1986)
5. Last call - Jolo (Megatone 1984)
6. Stepping Stone - Modern Rocketry (Megatone 1983)
7.Invasion - Patrick Cowley (Remix) (Megatone 1982)
8.Desire - Paul Parker (Fantasia 1984)
9.Hot Leather - The Passengers (Moby Mix version) (Moby Dick 1981)
10.Got you where I want you- Stereo Fun Inc (Dub mix) (Moby Dick 1983)
11.Band of Gold - Sylvester (Megatone Records 1983)
12. Cruisin' the streets - The Boystown Gang (SanFranDisko mix) (Moby Dick 1981)
13.Pump it up - Fever (Fantasy 1979)
14.Mercy - Carol Jiani (Moby Dick 1981)
15.Menergy - Patrick Cowley (Instrumental Reprise) (Fusion 1981)
16.Die hard lover - Loverde (Moby Dick 1982)
17.Dance Trance medley - The Boystown Gang (Rich and Famous 1984)
18. Love Pains - Yvonne Elliman (Moby Dick 1982)
19.Goin' home - Patrick Cowley (Remix Dub Version) (1982)

HNYTRX and Dark Entries Records celebrate the first ever vinyl LP release of Patrick Cowley & Jorge Soccaras CATHOLIC with a "Hi-Nrg" tribute mix from the inimitable Paul Goodyear aka SanFranDisko. Paul will join us this Wednesday November 12th, 2014 for a release party at RS94109 alongside Steve Fabus.