HNYPOT 230: Aaron J's Transmural Gradient

Sometimes a mix just comes to us, we try to be selective in our POTCAST series but then sometimes we just get lucky. Although it may be summer temperatures in the rest of the world, we've been in typical SF June, waiting for someone to turn on the techno electronic-blanket and toss it over our comforter. Cue Aaron J, the former San Franciscan selector and nightlife curator from the Sure Thing crew. He dropped us this 80+ min mix compelled by his Haight Street honed intuition to read us a technicolor story involving light-showers, hand-gliding the heavens, and meditating on a bed of shiny chrome nails. A tarot card reading of a mix, what it reveals is never meant to harm you, just give you a peek into the science working on your past, present, and future. We encourage you to listen to this whenever, however this mix begs to be played on your highest-fidelity option. Hertz cotoure, these tracks shimmer, rumble, and sway in impeccably modern ways and demand some proper cones for display. Just be warned: if you have somewhere to be set an alarm because this mix hypnotizes the time away...

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