HNYPOT 235: Josey Rebelle's Stone Through A Window Mix

Digging for music is as much about instinct as it is about understanding. If you hone your gut instincts, your senses and subconscious sensibilities you will come across the good stuff, seemingly from thin air but in fact meant for you all along. Sometimes a DJ discovery happens to us the same way as finding a record. Sure internet algorithms and well placed editorial helps a dane music lover find their next favorite dj mix or jockey, but in the end you are the one that has to click play. Compelled by an honest smile in every photo and the endorsement of UK's most respected formerly pirate radio station, I got hooked to the sounds of our latest potcast guest: Josey Rebelle. I also must have smelled the oddly American vibe about this British selector. It is almost as though she is workshopping a hybrid, a bed and breakfast on the road between Croydon and Bellville that caught my eye from the road. But, if the web she is spinning in her sets speaks to me correctly, this bed and breakfast is a cooperative, it is female owned and operated, open to all, but not for everyone. Josey will spin you a bit of beats in the morning, but the rest of the time she lives there too and so it is up to you to respect the space and find your way to fit in, blend in, and add to the vibe. Don't get me wrong, this isn't your grandmothers idea of a B&B, when the sun goes down and it is time to put the needle to the record, the fireplace will be dancing, naked revelry in the vegetable garden, and MDMA embraces on the front porch. But when all is said and done, instead of feeling depleted, Josey wants you feeling completed. You will sign the guest-book that sits below a framed Drexciya poster, thanking her for sharing her space, stories, and delicious beats.

Josey Rebelle Soundcloud :


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