HNYPOT 225: Jeremy Castillo's Number One Yums Mix

Back in 2013, just before we pulled the plug on our Sunday weekly at Holy Cow, a crew of cute straight boys were becoming party regulars. So regular they even picked a favorite leather-padded booth at the club to talk shop and soak up the vibes. Bound buy a shared love of record collecting, hip-hop, and hanging out with the gays - this motley crew quickly blood-brother'd before one of their comrades, later to be known as Matrixxman, broke through the Bay Area window. Armed with Vin Sol's arsenal of drum machines and the elbow deep nightlife reputation of Primo Pitino these boys formed Club Lonely - a new club night and label. They also positioned a newcomer to be the prince of their dirtbag claps-on-the-one empire, a cool headed and naturally focused chap named Jeremy Castillo. Taking his time to enter into the already bloated SF DJ scene, Jeremy blew Honey fans away with his headlining slot at our pre-Thanksgiving party in 2015. Cutting his teeth playing rap music in the bars, Jeremy has been making waves pushing house and disco into the short-set tag-teams that the Club Lonely parties in SF are becoming infamous for. His track, Talk 2 The Hand feat. Vin Sol, an organ grinder of a tune confident enough to shake any "Room 1" across the water, made it into our Boiler Room set even a year after its release. We've been waiting a minute for a mix from Jeremy, but like all his moves, it is about the how you and not the when you... Enjoy

Jeremy Castillo Soundcloud: