HNYPOT 231: Kadeejah Streets' Part of the Winter Never Dies

"Brothers from another" - that must be the title of the episode in which I met Kadeejah Streets. Being pied-pipered across the Canadian border by Kevin Kauer for a gig in Vancouver via SEA, Khadeejah was the captain of his rave-van. Charismatic and full of joy, he made the hours on the highway slip like jelly with his carefully curated road trip selections and tales. A Californian at the core, he waxed on his love of Wicked, the San Francisco sound, and his thirst for psychedelic sounds no matter the tempo. Playing in room 2 while we played in Room 1 - we never got to hear him work the decks that night. In a way it was a blessing, we had a lovely judgement free ride back to Seattle the next day - no DJ shade, just more roadside stops, laughs, and incredible selections on the van cans. A couple of music swaps and soundcloud plays later I knew I had to see this man work a room. If our sitcom had an episode where we went to Khadeejah's jiggy club it would be called "No Joke" - this man can mix. A master for the sequence, watching a room of lemmings melt into Khadeejahs groove was quite the sight. Pushing and pulling between the want and the need, he is the kind of selector only happy if you are and determined to get you there without having to put the name-tag on... Full of vocals, dark melodies, and moments that are "faaar out maaan" we hope this is one of many mixes from him for our little potcast series. Drop innnnn.

Kadeejah Streets Soundcloud :