HNYPOT 216: Galen’s Sunrise on the Beach - Live at Sunset Campout 2016

This past July, sometime after 4am, revelers at the annual Sunset Campout, a weekend long event embedded deep in the Sierra mountains found themselves dancing riverside. Surrounded by trees, rocks, a giant bridge over water with a small arsenal of twinkling LED and projection light bouncing off every corner Galen went on the decks. Slotting himself on the side stage at a time easily looked over, arriving almost felt like you had found the secret party at the party. Galen, one of the trio responsible for the 22 year strong Sunset Sound System was dressed in a perfectly Cali-cowboy get-up ready to take family and friends into the day as the sun approached. Keeping things locked at 127, this had to be one of the most unique sets of the weekend, not an easy thing to accomplish after sets by Idjut Boys, KZA, and Red Axes. And yet, who better to entertain notions of a west-coast psychadelic weekend rave then a man who has been working dance-floors on this side of the US for 25 years. Weaving through the bubbly swirly hip-hopish techno sounds that have become his signature, disco dub classics and dirty baseline heavy jams that set a net on dancers, this set holds so many surprises. Needless to say we have been hounding him for this recording ever since. Sometimes when the guy who was directing traffic all weekend for an event decides to step behind the decks, they are depleted of energy and motive to move dancers. Sometimes, like in this case, the host of the weekend knows just what to do, you are in their house and no only do they want you to feel welcome, they want so show you all their nice things. Getting to share this set is such a treat, enjoy!  

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