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HNYPOT 215: Trevor Sigler's Summer Comedown Mix

Although we are just getting our hotter days of the year here in San Francisco, dancers are feeling the comedown of months of festivities and travel. Trevor Sigler decided it appropriate to make us something to help ease us into the fall season, a mix filled with warm synthetic percussion, gooey melodies, and warm pads. A staple on the SF dance music scene over the past decade, Trevor has had his hands in some of the more psychedelic queer dance music parties like Romper Room and Sqrrrl. A trained audio engineer, his sets lean towards the sounds that take full advantage of where a sound system can go. Glacial, roomy, and precise, Sigler takes a similar approach to his original productions that he does his DJ mixing. We are excited to see this patient and heartfelt music maker continue to make his mark on the Bay and further.

Trevor Sigler's Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/tsigler3441

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