HNYPOT 193: JENILUV's What Is This Pill

Honey Soundsystem tried so long to get a mix from venerable LA turned SF turned LA underground queen-pin JENILUV that we thought she'd blue ball us into gay-ternity. Since day one we have been equally as enamored as fearful of her talent and repertoire and this mix leaves us without doubts. Her roots in the San Francisco house music scene runs back to her days in the early 00's doing Fistfight (with rebel rouser club royal Jenny Young), Deep Shit (with Charlotte the Baroness), and DHP (Deep House Project). These days you can find her pushing it all over Los Angeles at her Making Shapes / JACK undergrounds or at the people lucky enough to snag her for a set at their nights. As always, this mix was recorded in something all black - potentially denim, potentially distressed, potentially that cost nothing to her but a fortune to someone else 20 years ago. You better work.