HNYPOT 191: Paul Goodyear's San Francisco Hi-Nrg Tribute Mix

Track List
2.Lift Off - Patrick Cowley (Megatone 1981)
3. Rocket to your heart - Lisa (Moby Dick 1983)

4. Seclusion- Shawn Benson (TSR 1986)

5. Last call - Jolo (Megatone 1984)

6. Stepping Stone - Modern Rocketry (Megatone 1983)
7.Invasion - Patrick Cowley (Remix) (Megatone 1982)
8.Desire - Paul Parker (Fantasia 1984)
9.Hot Leather - The Passengers (Moby Mix version) (Moby Dick 1981)
10.Got you where I want you- Stereo Fun Inc (Dub mix) (Moby Dick 1983)
11.Band of Gold - Sylvester (Megatone Records 1983)
12. Cruisin' the streets - The Boystown Gang (SanFranDisko mix) (Moby Dick 1981)
13.Pump it up - Fever (Fantasy 1979)
14.Mercy - Carol Jiani (Moby Dick 1981)
15.Menergy - Patrick Cowley (Instrumental Reprise) (Fusion 1981)
16.Die hard lover - Loverde (Moby Dick 1982)
17.Dance Trance medley - The Boystown Gang (Rich and Famous 1984)
18. Love Pains - Yvonne Elliman (Moby Dick 1982)
19.Goin' home - Patrick Cowley (Remix Dub Version) (1982)

HNYTRX and Dark Entries Records celebrate the first ever vinyl LP release of Patrick Cowley & Jorge Soccaras CATHOLIC with a "Hi-Nrg" tribute mix from the inimitable Paul Goodyear aka SanFranDisko. Paul will join us this Wednesday November 12th, 2014 for a release party at RS94109 alongside Steve Fabus.


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