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HNYPOT 173: Heartthrob

HNYPOT 173: Heartthrob

Jesse Siminski, aka HEARTTHROB was born in 1976 in Northern Michigan. Through his interest in minimal techno while living in New York in 1999 he was introduced to fellow NY residents Magda and Troy Pierce with whom he would later become label mates on the legendary Minus label. Jesse uses his productions to explore the intersection where tradition and innovation cross as much as aesthetics and concepts. Where the ideal is function and entertainment as well as experimentation and emotion.

1. "Roll The Dice" Black & Medley
2. "Whoever, Whatever" Heartthrob
3. " Makers" Mike Shannon, Dewalta, Deadbeat
4. "Mooger Fooger" Dense & Pika
5. "Waste Your Time" Willie Burns
6. "House Countdown" Serge
7. "Portato" Daniel Wang and Boris
8. "24 Hour Party People" The Mole
9. "Les Mouton Ivery "San Propper Remix
10. "Love or Go Kink Remix"Nina Kravitz
11. "Cracklin" Dense & Pika
12. "Spiritual War" Ibex
13. "Oafish" Glimpse
14. "Vatha" Sinteg
15. "Last Moon" Maayan
16."Capricorn" Monkey B
17. "Eyes" Bareskin
18. "Triansgulum" Omar S
19. "A Little Moonlight Dancing" Jared Wilson
20. "Does Your Car Know" Heartthrob


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