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HNYPOT 170: Briski - Honey I Punked the Kids

HNYPOT 170: Briski - Honey I Punked the Kids

"Nicknamed "Briski" by his father (pronounced Bri-skee), Brian Bejarano worked beyond a casual encounter with sound in Dallas, England, and San Francisco, taking a deep dive into the dark pool of music to feed the emotional, soulful and spastic sides of his adult nature. His young journeys drew him to throw and attend undergrounds and house parties; to buy and listen to psychedelic rock jams and Wicked tracks (beginning with Jeno, Garth, Thomas, Markie and Doc Martin; all bearing an indelible imprint on him); to scoop old-school tapes of '90s mixes that hoisted the shimmy at his start as he rounded out his sound."

1. Felix Dickinson - Unknown
2. Jimmy Edgar - Heartbeat
3. Marc Houle - Hearing
4. The Draughtsman - Geschmacklos
5. Girogio Moroder - E=mc2 (Baldelli & Dionigi Remix)
6. Sid Le Rock - Memories of Roller Disco
7. Unknown
8. Unknown
9. Rework - Touch Yourself (Remain Remix)
10. Djs Pareja - Saxo Temor
11. Dixelexsix-Crossed Eyed Girl(Raudive Remix)
12. Dixelexsix-Crossed Eyed Girl(In Fields Remix)
13. Phil Kieran - Snakes Crawl (East Village Remix)
14. Binary edit
15. John Talabot - When the Past was Present (Pachange Boys Remix)
16. Ben La Desh - You Gotta


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