HNYPOT 163: Avalon Emerson's I Could Bring My Little Ghettoblaster

HNYPOT 163: Avalon Emerson's I Could Bring My Little Ghettoblaster

1- 90's Prostitution Racket - Gerry Read [not on label]
2- Stand in For Love - Wil Maddams [Local Talk]
3- Analog Love - The Godson [Rush Hour]
4- Freak Like - Citizen [Five Easy Pieces]
5- Highdimes - Lauer [Running Back]
6- There's More to Life Than This - Bjork [One Little Indian]
7- Dance (Beats) - Earth People [Underworld]
8- & It Was U (Avalon Emerson's Cybernetic Edit) - How to Dress Well [not on label]
9- Brotherman (KRL Remix) - Detroit Swindle [Wolf Music]
10- All Night Long - Mood II Swing [Urban]
11- First Time House - Fulbert [Local Talk]
12- What Do You See (Ricky's Groove) - Rick Wilhite [Filth Records]
13- Untitled
14- Untitled

Avalon Emerson cut her teeth DJing long nights at underground parties in San Francisco warehouses before she could legally play (or get into) clubs. Though a fresh-face--2012 marked the start of her production career--she's quickly proven herself a dancefloor favorite, with a style informed by the past but rooted in the present. Tracks like "Church of Soma" and "Zsa" push out towards such disparate sounds as thumping American house and aggressive Belgian new beat. In her spare time she takes photos for San Francisco nightlife column Lost in the Night



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