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HNYPOT 152: Davide Gualandi Drugs

HNYPOT 152: Davide Gualandi Drugs

Onmutu Mechanicks - Phosphor (Norman Nodge remix)
Szare - Arcane Rhythm Structures
Sawlin - Boring Feels
Planetary Assault Systems - Bell Blocker (Silent Servant remix)
Vatican Shadow - One Day He Heard The Call
S100 - Murphy
Shifted - Coax
Lakker - BKRO
AD/S - Transversal
Szare - Uprising
Function - Obsession
Moerbeck - Nervous City

Davide is a gay grandpa living in Brooklyn, NY. She likes heartfelt techno and corduroy jackets + glasses + newsboy caps.

http://soundcloud.com/daviday/ http://www.twitter.com/adorno4kids/

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