HNYPOT 141: Paul Goodyear's Classic House

HNYPOT 141: Paul Goodyear's Classic House

1. Can you feel it- Mr Fingers (Accapella)
2. Your love - Jamie Principle and Frankie Knuckles
3. Carry on - Martha Wash (MAW remix)
4. Let there be love - Shirley Murdock
(Def mix)
5. It's alright - Sterling Void
6. Someday - Ce Ce Rogers (Original club)
7. That's the way love is - Ten City
8. Move - Farm boy
9. This is Acid - Maurice (Rhythm Stick edit)
10. Can you party - Royal House
11. Yo Yo Get Funky - Fast Eddie
12. You used to hold me - Ralphi Rosario
(Paul Goodyear re-edit)
13. Uh Uh Oh Oh (Look out) - Roberta Flack
(Steve Silk Hurley mix)
14. One man - Chanelle (David Morales mix)

Spinning since 1985 Paul came to greater recognition during Australia's Summer of Love in 1988 as a resident of the Rat and Bacchanalia dance parties held at the Hordern Pavilion. He held a long standing Saturday night residency in Australia playing from 1999 to 2006 at ARQ nightclub in Sydney. Here, he combined his love of the hi-NRG, house and disco styles to create an uplifting journey every Saturday night for 7 years. His infamous DJ sets at ARQ drew such a cult following that clubbers would often be seen in t-shirts bearing slogans such as "God is a DJ and his name is Paul Goodyear". It was during this time that he established himself as the master of the marathon set, with many of his solo sets lasting over 14 hours.

Photo Detail by Alexx Conroy


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