HNYPOT 140: Shawn O'Sullivan's Half A Bottle Of Tito's

severed heads - spitoon thud
obtane - waterstorm
patrick pulsinger - construction tool
minimum syndicat - dark passenter
slush - paige
planetary assault systems - power plant
ancient methods - fifth method B1
the mover - in deep rage
beatbouncers - enough fuel
purple plejade - quest #
fanon flowers - MM2
the overlord - the future of the world
chasing voices - acidbathory
adam x - aftermath of gomorrah
dep affect -  thorazine
marko laine - catch
lory d - acidronix
trax-x - gravity

Shawn O’Sullivan of up and coming New York New Wave bands Led er Est and Further Reductions. His latest release is now out on WT Records

Photo detail: Alexx Conroy