HNYPOT 104: The Funk, The Box, The Shit - Page Hodel Cassette Mix Nov. 1985

HNYPOT 104: The Funk, The Box, The Shit -Page Hodel Cassette Mix Nov. 1985

An extremely rare mix from legendary San Francisco DJ Page Hodel. Page made a cassette mix a month for 30 years, documenting the sound of her illustrious career as a disc jockey, promoter, and FM radio DJ. "The Funk, The Box, The Shit - Part 1" is a perfect example of, at its most pure, the sound of her long running weekly dance party called The Box. Located in Fillmore at what is now The Independent, The Box was unique in that it sported a heavy mix of all walks of life from race to sexual orientation. It centered itself around Page's eccentric taste for dirty funk classics and early hip-hop and rap. Page Hodel was its exclusive DJ alongside various touring live acts like Evelyn "Champagne" King,  L'Trimm, and Queen Latifah. The Box also was known for its dance troop: The Box Dancers whom performed routines every week and were made up of handpicked regulars from the club. Many say there has not been a club since SF's The Box that served as a melting pot like this one and never before a safe space quite like this to sweat it out to respectable tunes.


Dr. Sleep said…
Thanks for this one, boys! Love, Dr. Sleep/Melissa
Anonymous said…
Awesome! But... this tape must be from 1989, not 1985. I recognize all of these songs!
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
August 15 2013 and every Thursday night Dj Page Hodel returns!! at BEATBOX
345 11th Street at Folsom in SF

...get ready to sweat. groove. cruise and LOVE

Thaz Right!!! We're back and we are gonna bring IT !!!