HNYPOT 234: Daniel T.'s Treading Water Mix

There really is only a handful of characters that have been repeat guests on our 10 year running Honeypotcast. Today we officially make Los Angeles based music maker and disc-shaker Daniel T. one of them. Two years ago, Daniel threw us one of our most listened to mixes: I'm At That Party Right Now, a romp through his signature back-yard-funk and junky-post-disco sounds. A seasoned pro, his one-take recording on the 1s and 2s showcase'd what many already know, Daniel knows how to please just about every music lover. Vinyl obsessed and addicted to the beat, Daniel obliged us with this new 104 minute soundtrack to your next VW bus ride to the beach. Rated 30 SPF, don't worry this mix is hot enough to burn that ass even *with* protection. Chock full of abandoned island drums, roadside yelps for joy, and breezy baselines you might be transported so hard to your high school self that you will ask Soundcloud to flip the cassette at 30 minutes. So, before you press play, check your day-tote for the room key, a towel, and just in case, a second layer - this one might keep you out well past sundown.


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