HNYPOT 229: Jordee's Non-binary Transmission

A year ago, as we prepared our line-up for our 2016 Pride party, we took out the magnifying glass and searched for the artists representing new and promising ideas for the queer dance-floor. An abundance of powerful players came to light, but Jordee, the spinner behind HNYPOT 229, floated to the top of that list. Jordee not only has the touch but an untouchable spirit. A personality that only got more powerful as they began transporting 60hz packets onto Bay Area dance floors. That calm, cool, and collected persona also comes through by way of the pacing of this mix. Although things eventually get rowdy and tough, Jordee takes us to darkness unscrewing one bulb at a time. Aside from the occasional vocal flourishes and hints of jazzy instrumentation, the pulsing hypnosis of this mix is persistent, the final track seemingly suggesting there is neither a begin nor end to this composition. "Captain, we are picking up a transmission from a distant queerdorgy planet." Given the speed sound travels there is no telling how long ago this message has been waiting for you. Before the ships scanners intercepted these extraterestrial beats they were entertaining a panoramic of stars and galaxies. Will these frequencies influence you for good or evil? Will they fry your engines or gift your mainframes with the alien code bringing you to unseen solar systems. You're locked in now, so only time will tell. Be brave for your world has always been unknown.

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