HNYPOT 228: The Creatrix's From The Inner Ear Down

This week we have the pleasure to unleash a mix. We are not merely placing this mix onto the inter-webs, rather we have been leaning our collective weight onto the gates of this Soundcloud as a growling, lunging waveform, has been demanding to be let out. Let that be your warning before you step into the "inner ear" of The Creatrix and her first mix for the honeypotcast, one of the most daring mixes we have listened to in a while. Fanciulla Gentile aka The Creatrix is a gear-head, producing and performing live dystopian queer soundscapes intrinsic to the ever-evolving Oakland-centric politically/spiritually fueled post-techno underground. Self-releasing productions along with releases on Club Chai and No-Tech, The Creatrix seems to be romancing not only herself but a recently forgotten San Francisco attitude. A multidisciplinary musician soaked in sexual urgency and cosmic intention this mix is as much a slave to the beat as a commander of a comsmoplitan-cult of dancers. Moments of this mix seem to free the beat of its grid, an improvisational freedom breaking listeners from the bond of whatever Uber-pool rigidity they were self-imposed into previously. There is as much Underground Resistance in here as there is Tribe 8, and as long as you can take it you are invited to receive it.


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