HNYPOT 226: Mr. Price's Stout or Out Mix

Contrary to what current world events might suggest, being a good person CAN get you places. The selector taking us on a musical dog-walk this week is one of those people. Pulling himself away from life on the road tour-managing to focus on boutique music projects and the Love International festival, Ben Price is one of those dedicated music lovers that goes where his heart tells him to. A couple weeks ago, walking down a narrow staircase into a warmly lit rave cave beneath the nighttime streets of Bristol, we found ourselves inside the arms of Price's love child - Studio 89. A party that once had a regular edition at the now defunkt Dance Tunnel in London, Studio 89 is the kind of party that doesn't need to be talked about endlessly in print for it to be future-legendary. Looking around at all the happy faced dancers, it became clear why everyone has nothing but blessings when referencing Mr. Price and his secret dance affair. A mixed crowd of weirdos and "up-for-it" clubbers danced til' the sun came up to dusty disco, lonely thumpers, and joyous pumpers all the while giving a sense that they needed this party to happen. This mix captures a bit of the "behind the curtain" maestro that Price is, a floating and soothing selection of Detroitesque hypnotic grooves seem to support whatever you need to take on while the earbuds are in. Even when the going gets tough at around 50 minutes, we're ready 'cause our guide had our backs the whole way though. honeypotcast

Mr.Price Soundcloud :