HNYPOT 221: Odd Oswald's Bits Of Rage Mix

Making a living as an artist is a struggle in most parts of the world. It seems to be the borderless conundrum of having a passion for art and a fever to create. One perk of the job though, is that no matter where you go, you're bound to find family. No matter the city, around the bend of every club or bar there seems a familiar face. Odd Oswald was one of those blasts from the past that we found ourselves reunited with in our travels this past year. At one time a celebrated San Francisco disc-jockey and promoter -- Odd O aka Brian B stepped into the smoke of the European music scene and never looked back. Busy behind the curtain as a label/tour manager for big name acts, we knew that his new found perspective could only have added to his already killer approach to digging and mixing. So, to show an old friend some new tricks, Odd made us this mix - his last one for us was back in 2012( The penchant for dark and filthy sonics that made his bay area sets such a delight are still present in this 2hr acidic rave-jog - but these selections are razor sharp, preposterously programmed, and grab you harder then the punch of an epi-pen.