HNYPOT 217: Geoffrey LaRue's Marno Klompers

This past August in the woods of West Virginia, a group of 400+ revelers gathered for 96 hours of party. Sunday morning, just around sunrise, a fresh young face emerged poolside to usher weary dancers into the final day of raving. After being pummeled through the night with heavy tunes, it seemed a difficult task to go on, but Geoffrey LaRue had a plan. Romancing the sun and die harders back from the dead, LaRue unveiled a Shakespearean sonnet of glam, ballads, and mutant pop disco. Later the recording would emerge on his Soundcloud and festival goers shared it now to solidify its cult status. Marno Klompers is his encore to that beautiful sunrise set. 2 hours of time-travel fit for any occasion. Enjoy. “Well your ass is your ticket to paradise but the meager rewards it delivers are no match for the enormous energy it demands.” -Bob Maslin

 Marisa Mell – Slave of Love 
Rod McKuen – Eros 
Carly Simon – Body and Soul 
Fleetwood Mac – Prove Your Love 
Mina – Street Angel 
Player – Baby Come Back 
Sparks – Cool Places 
The B52s – Give Me Back My Man 
New Edition for Muzak – Fame 
Bob Crewe – Cherry Boy 
Ian Dury & The Blockheads – Clevor Trever 
Talking Heads – Seen and Not Seen 
Flash and the Pan – Hole In The Middle 
Veronica Unlimited – Gimme More 
Harry Thumann – You Turn Me On 
Babla – Hamko Tumpe Pyar Aaya 
Boney M – Voodoo Nights
 David Bowie – Red Money 
Gilla – Help Help 
Giorgio Moroder – Knights In White Satin 
Young Love – Baby I’m Right 
Art Sullivan et le Groupe Cash – Fan Fan Fan 
Amanda Lear – Blood And Honey (Spoken Word) 
Sandy Baron – Hustler and Therapist
 MFB – Boredom Pain 
The Doors – Peace Frog 
Steve Linnegar’s Snakeshed – Close It 
Grateful Dead – Shakedown Street
 Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London 
Captain Beefheart – Pena 
Sparks – Biology 2 
Blondie – Go Through It 
Gruppo Sportivo – In Love Again 
Fleetwood Mac – What Makes You Think You’re The One 
The Boys Town Gang – Cruisin’ The Streets 

Geoffrey LaRue's Soundcloud :