HNYPOT 214: Jacob Meehan's Roodhouse Sunrise

Poolside after a heavy weekend of partying at the Honcho Campout in West Virginia, it was coming time for Jacob Meehan to do his thing after 2.5 days of an immense amount of music from his peers. Rumor had it he was going to play ambient/new age, but it was hard to believe as the dance-floor was raging to peak-time house with no sign of aging. Another obstacle? The DJ booth had been electric shocking people all weekend and the problem had spread to the turntables. Needless to say Meehan took another route and had to leave a bag of lighter fare to the side as he swung dancers into a more main room route. Later on, I asked if he would compose the potcast a mix of the gems waiting in that record bag. This ambient mix is his response, coincidentally recorded at sunrise in front of his parents. Recorded at Meehan Family Pond Wednesday, September 7, 2016 6am

Track List:
Chick Corea - Imp’s Welcome 
John Roberts - Berceuse 
DJ Metatron - Spiralworlds 
Ray Lynch - The Oh of Pleasure 
Matthew Bourne - Somewhere I Have Never Travelled (For Coral Evans) 
Panoram - Bad Request 
Sounds of Nature - Waterbugs 
Acronym - Mu 4 
Garrett David & Colin Johnson - Mantra
 Dominique Dumont - Un Jour Avec Yusef 
John Roberts - Six 
John Tejada - The Dream 
Brian Eno - Becalmed 
K. Leimer - Very Tired

Jacob Meehan's Soundcloud:


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