HNYPOT 210: Lovefingers & Heidi Lawden's Fruits Of Labor Mix

Collaborations are formed any which way. It could be an accidental night of creative bliss that brings two artists into alliance or even an unforeseen emergency. For us it was a slow ride of chance musical encounters that formed the Honey beehive. One of the most magical artistic bonds though comes from another place, the unifying element of romance. People are often scared to call it as it is for fear it will stigmatize the art-form, but the masses can't get enough of a creative power-couple. Honey can't get enough either, and we jumped at the chance to book a DJ-duo who calls for one king size bed in their rider. That said, we aren't one for cheap gimmicks (ok that might be a white lie), the spark of a good collaboration or b2b is hard to fake. So it might have taken us a second to warm up to the idea that Lovefingers & Heidi Lawden were as good a DJ pair as they are solo acts. That being said, a couple of months ago we got the pleasure of witnessing them rock L.A. dancers in a DTLA warehouse... it was absolute next-level. So how sweet it is that we get to present to you the FIRST studio mix the duo has presented together. A two hour long journey inspired by what these two think will make Honey Soundsystem fans move to, including more than a few deep crate pulls, a signature element of their sets.