HNYPOT 200: Chris Bowen's All Vinyl Mix

We're struggling to find the PG-13 version of what we want to say about the man behind this exclusive "all vinyl" mix and the next installment of our Honey Potcast series. Maybe the words escape us because we have spent far to many a late night behind, in front, and possibly underneath the decks with this Los Angeles dance-music institution.
Partnered with rave-daddy Victor Rodriguez (as Critter Control) Bowen was responsible for the now defunct Shits & Giggles weekly party which led the charge bringing gays and dancers back to downtown L.A. to club, now a part of town littered with nights, new gay bars, and hipness. These days you can find him playing at his various residencies around L.A. or playing den mother for disco-heads and furry sluts at his Brutus, Cubscout, and Bears In Space parties. Bowen's fun not fans approach to promoting finds it's way into every corner of these get-togethers. His seemingly effortless hustle has shaped an entire scene and even spawned some minions and jockers.
For this no nonsense exclusive mix we get a taste of the signature Bowen boogie chalk full of 80s analogue rhythms, cool-as-ice leather laden melodies, and even some jump and shout anthems. Whether you're pouring your going out whiskey or cutting your after-party (bathroom) line - this 60 minutes has you covered.


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