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HNYPOT 174: Jake Reif's Lysergic Lullaby

HNYPOT 174: Jake Reif's Lysergic Lullaby

A native New Yorker, Jake spent some musically formative years in the Midwest, drawing a massive influence from the cultures of Chicago and Detroit. Fueled by the underground energy of warehouse and loft parties of the era, he began his DJ career in the early 1990's. Since then he's returned to NY and held jobs at Sonic Groove Records and Syntax Music Distribution and collaborated on projects with Reade Truth (Path Records/ RWL), Brennan Green (Chinatown Records) and DJ Spun (Rong Music), just to name a few. With the recent founding of his own record label, Misprint Recordings, and partnering with Chicago legend Mystic Bill, for the revival of the House Preservation Society (HPS), he has truly returned to his roots, creating timeless sounds for a new generation of dance music aficionados.


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