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HNYPOT 172: DJ Nita Live at Wrecked 10.06.12

HNYPOT 172: DJ Nita Live at Wrecked 10.06.12

Dj Nita, having made a name for himself performing as a member of the House of Aviance in the 90s, landed behind the decks in the early 2000's headlining the East Village's biggest dance-party, AREA10009 at Opaline. There he began to develop the style that would become synonymous with his TUBWAY party at the legendary mr.Black, bringing New York underground house to meet the new world beat together on a dirty dancefloor. Most recently he has logged remixes for Beyonce, the Scissor Sisters, and Le1f, is one half of production/dj duo The Carry Nation and can be heard weekly at the already infamous WESTGAY.

1. The Party - Free (Maurice's Free Me Mix)
2. Samuel Dan - Numbers (Bubba & T-Bone Remix)
3. Leon & Piruppa - Bassline
4. Deboa & Hanna Holland - skentello (Donewrong Miami mix)
5. Walker & Royce - Little Things (Eli Escobar remix )
6. Automagic feat. Jamil Rafael La'Beija - Track It To The Edge (Dj Nita Remix)
7. Jamie Jones - Summertime feat. Ost & Kjex (Jones & James Dub Mix)
8. Hannah Holland feat. Josh Caffe - Play with the Maid
9. Waifs & Strays - Body Shiver
10. Zombie Disco Squad feat Dj Funk - Twerk
11. Maurice - Got Me Burning Up (Pierre's Pitch Fo-Yo Ass!)


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