HNYPOT 121: Gabbo's Rundfunk Special

Informatics - The great X-1
Dramatis - Love needs no disguise
Velodrome - Na velodrome 141
Hard Corps - C´est pas moi
Soma Holiday - Art dimension
No Unauthorized - Suicidez-moi pas!
Metal Boys - The pleasure
Aus Decline - She gave me algedy
Pankow - English waitresses
Miharu Koshi - Ryugu-joh no koibito
Front 242 - U-Men (Instrumental)
Troops For Tomorrow - The prisoner
X Mal Deutschland - Blut ist Liebe
The Wake - On our honeymoon
Zodiac - Zodiac
Alphaville - Summer in Berlin


Richie said…
fix the link please
Honey said…
FIXED LINK!! enjoy!
Anonymous said…
fix the link please