HNYPOT 105: 80RI5 (Berlin) Live 8ERGHA1N New Years Eve 2011

HNYPOT 105: 80RI5 (Berlin) Live 8ERGHA1N New Years Eve 2011

The Saint At Large is the production company spin off from the legendary NYC nightclub The Saint (1980-1990) which was technically and creatively one of the best dance clubs of its era. The circular dance floor was topped by a perforated planetarium dome 76 feet (23 metres) in diameter and 38 feet (12 metres) high. In addition to hiding the speakers, the dome served as a spectacular palette for the lighting effects. Like many clubs at the time The Saint was not only about great sound and razor sharp disc jockeys, but high production.

Once a year, the Saint At Large brings back all the superlative adjectives that come to mind when thinking remembering the now gone venue, and throws the Black Party. A party that's so big it needs an expo, the event at the Roseland ballroom has caused controversy for years for its celebration of heavy S&M and leather and its bleeding edge themes.

This year the party is taking a step in a new direction, and the HoneyPotCast is reaping the rewards. The following mix is a preview of what you will hear from headlining DJ of this years Black Party RITES XXXII: THE BLACK PARTY.

Who is 8ORI5 of Berlin? Could he be a resident DJ at the current mecca of fisting & minimal techno in the warehouse district of Berlin, Germany? Could he be the man behind a care-full record label that although has only seen a small amount of releases boasts names like Daniel Wang and Ruede Hagelstein? Could he be a partner in one of Berlins most notorious underground gay party where they serve cocktails of love and the all the DJs are adorably bearded?

Honey loves 8ORI5... You should too.

So much mystery!
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