HNYPOT 103.1 Club Universe 1997 Mixed by David Harness Pt. 1 & 2

HNYPOT 103.1 Club Universe 1997 Part 1 Mixed by David Harness

The first in a series of "vintage" mixes being released this week as apart of our SPKR archival exhibition and benefit Saturday March 12th at Public Works San Francisco.

Club Universe at 177 Townsend was known for its outrageous weekly decorations and cavernous warehouse venue. A Richard Long soundsystem built out of various original pieces found from across the country in the early 90's, a big system called for a big sound. Resident David Harness (who stepped in after original resident Aaron O) shaped the room to his big 4/4 thump each week while the space throbbed with bass and funky lighting. There are heaps of stories about the "infamous" universe, some of which you can get a taste from at our SPKR show this coming Saturday.

Check it out the event HERE